Winning with Witly | 102 Real Estate Leads Generated from the List to Exist Challenge!


In this week’s episode of Winning with Witly, Coach Dylan shares one of our client’s experiences with the LTE Challenge  and how he generated 102 Real Estate Leads. 

If you missed the List to Exist Challenge, it was a five-day challenge guaranteed to get you five hot listing leads in five days using our tried and true marketing process. 

We taught the agents that joined how to build their ads, follow up, and gave them the necessary tools to convert those leads to listings! 

One of the agents that participated in the challenge and followed all of the directions was able to get 102 leads! He has started some fantastic conversations with these leads and has successfully landed listings.

The best part about all of this? Dylan, one of Witly’s marketing coaches, is not stopping there! He will help this client scale his business and make sure he can have a predictable income using our systems and processes. 

Are you wondering how you would get access to one of our marketing coaches? It’s actually included in your Witly subscription. We don’t just throw you into the thick of it with no direction or support, which reminds us, our support team is also there to help you every step of the way. 

Building systems and processes, creating structure, and developing a solid foundation is straight-up hard work. You will likely want to quit at nearly every single turn. 

It’s not because you are flawed or broken, but because most sales-driven people don’t really have the operators’ mindset. I know I don’t. 

This is something that keeps some agents very small, and it’s something that helps some agents get very big.

No matter how hard it is, no matter what other stuff you need to get done, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. Don’t you dare quit. 

This is the beginning of an incredible future for most agents if you can put your nose down and get the work done. Generating leads, building a brand, and converting more clients in your business is what helps you create a rock-solid foundation for yourself. It gives you options. It gives you the fuel you need to grow bigger and bigger in your community. 

We are here to support you…all you have to do is ask for help. Our support team will make sure you have the insights you need, and our coaches are going to make sure you have the strategies you need. 

Keep pushing. Keep growing. This client is an incredible example of what can happen when you do.

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