Authenticity in Video Marketing with Mike Cuevas


Mike Cuevas, aka the Real Estate Marketing Dude, has been in the industry since 2002. He helps other agents focus on consistent content creation and helps them build a brand.

When he was about 22 years old, he and his best friend were at a bar, and it came up in conversation that his best friend just referred a 400,000 listing to SOMEONE ELSE! When it occurred to Mike that not even his best friend knew that he was an agent. That gave him the determination to figure out a way to stay top of mind in his community. That started as direct mail and eventually transitioned into video on social media. That is exactly how he built Real Estate Marketing Dude.

“If you stop communicating with your database, they’re going to cheat on you with another agent.” You can’t blame them if you’re not working to keep yourself in front of them.

Video creates a spiderweb of new opportunities and new introductions. People only retain 10% of what comes out of your mouth, so make sure that you are authentic and show who you are because that will stick and make a lasting impression. Video is what builds and humanizes the brand to attract and convert more customers.

Mike’s favorite thing about videos is that it allows you to create many other forms of content. You can make one video and post it on so many different platforms to reach even more people. You can take a longer video and create 60-second clips to share across your social media platforms as well. Video becomes a marketing piece you can use over and over again.

People will hire you based on whether they know, like, and trust you, which is why video is so powerful. But it is imperative to be AUTHENTIC. If you don’t wear a suit in your real life, then don’t wear a suit to film a video. When you are trying to be someone you are not, it shows on video. Being entertaining on video does help, but it is not 100% necessary. You will get more comfortable as you do videos and get more comfortable being yourself and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be fun, but it does have to tell a story.

Determine what your video is upfront and find something that you are excited about. If you do that, you won’t lack authenticity.



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