Creating a Lead Generation Machine Using Witly with David Prulihiere

Creating a Lead Generation Machine Using Witly with David Prulihiere

Creating a Lead Generation Machine Using Witly with David Prulihiere In this episode of the Client Generation Podcast, I am joined by David Prulihiere to discuss how he took his business to new heights using the Witly platform! David is a team lead and real estate agent who started his career in lending in the late 1990s. After 15 years of experience, he decided to roll into the sales side and got his real estate sales license (in 2008). “About five years ago, maybe six or seven actually...

Collaborating with Industry Professional, Markus Willard – EP. 128

Collaborating with an Industry Professional: Markus Willard

Collaborating with Industry Professional, Markus Willard   Markus Willard is the Sales Account Manager at StreetText in Blank, Canada. He got into Facebook advertising around 2015 and started working on lead generation. He was the very first person hired on the sales side of StreetText. “StreetText is changing the way people generate online leads for the better. We create opportunities for businesses to meet prospective clients by using advanced lead capture technology, expert...

Building a Real Estate Team with Watson Powers Coaching – EP. 125

Building a Real Estate Team with Watson Powers Coaching

Building a Real Estate Team with Watson Powers Coaching Gordon Watson and Steve Powers created Watson Powers Coaching to assist agents who are ready to transition from being just salespeople into leaders and businesspeople. Gordon and Steve have known each other for 25-30 years and have done 50 years or more coaching together. They have a passion for helping people develop their skills to the highest level. Having coached sports teams and real estate teams, they have so much experience in many...

How To Create a Facebook Business Manager | Witly

How To create a Business Manager

How To Create a Facebook Business Manager | Witly Go to business.facebook.com/overview. Click Create Account. Enter a name for your business, your name, and your work email address, and click Next. Enter your business details and click Submit. When you create your business account and attempt to use an email that your company assigned you, it may not work. This can happen because the email domain might already be associated with another Facebook Business Manager. If this happens, a simple...

Reaching Your Ideal Client | Witly Best Practices

Reaching Your Ideal Client

Reaching your ideal client When it comes to marketing, reaching your ideal client can be the most challenging part.  When you break it down, it makes it so much easier. One of the first things I like to discuss with my client is who THEIR ideal client is. Once we figure that out, we can dig even deeper.  Below I have included a template that I utilize when helping someone figure out who their ideal client is: This may seem pointless as most people assume you can not or shouldn’t get that...

She Generated 75 Leads Over the Past Month – Winning with Witly

Generated 75 Leads Over the Past Month

She Generated 75 Leads Over the Past Month As the season begins its rapid descent into autumn and I begin to reflect upon all that has transpired throughout the year, I am left with a sense of excitement for what the future holds. For some agents, however, the changing season signifies a “slowing down” period where their business goes into a hibernative state. Very little new business comes in, leaving the agent to stress about the winter and focus solely on closing any transactions they have...

Optimizing Your Follow-Up with Coach Dylan

Optimizing Your Follow-Up

Optimizing your follow-up Once you have all your systems in place, then comes the time for optimization. This is a very tedious process, but it is the most important stage. This is where you will begin to know the numbers and predictability of your client generation system. When you are in the optimization stage, follow-up is everything. In this case, we want to automate things as much as possible. You and your Witly marketing coach will go through a series of messaging changes. Specifically to...

Imitate Before You Innovate

Imitate before you innovate.

Imitate Before You Innovate Have you ever taken advice from somebody, and you went to try to implement it, and it didn’t work? That probably sounds like a silly question, but I heard this quote at the mastermind I was at last week in Lake Tahoe, and it was “imitate before you innovate,” and I really jived with that quote for a lot of reasons. What I have been doing over the last decade is teaching people how to implement Facebook ads, remarketing campaigns, email automation...

Attraction-Based Marketing with Chauncey Pham | Client Generation Podcast EP. 124

Attraction-Based Marketing with Chauncey Pham

Attraction-Based Marketing with Chauncey Pham Chauncey Pham is a small-town girl from East Texas. She always felt like she was different because in high school, while all of her friends were thinking about moving into apartments on their own, she wondered who owned the apartments. She dropped out of college, started a customer service and account management job, moved into sales and the marketing industry. She and her family sold a few houses during that time and were not happy with the real...

Machine of Consistency

machine of consistency

Do you have a machine of consistency? I was at John Cheplaks Mastermind in Lake Tahoe, California, and it was an unbelievable experience. One of the greatest takeaways I had was “do unscalable shit and do it better than anyone else.” take that a step further; once you get really good at it, give it to someone or something else. Many real estate agents working toward building teams or building businesses spend so much of their time doing it themselves. Mostly everybody in the room...


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