Developing a WINNING identity with Chadi Bazzi | The Client Generation Podcast EP. 116


Learn how to Develop a WINNING identity with Chadi Bazzi!

Chadi Bazi is a real estate coach and the host of the Top Listing Agent show. He has been in the industry for well over twenty years since starting in Michigan. Following the coachings of Mike Ferry, he decided to sell his home in Michigan and move to Newport Beach, California, to get his degree. He found himself surrounded by highly motivated people, which pushed him to get back into real estate, where he made his first $100,000 in thirty days. Tom Ferry took notice and invited him to be a coach in his business and ever since has been on over 30,000 coaching calls. 

When asked what his secret to conversion is, Chadi says, “I think it is the mastery of two things; one is you have to develop a belief system that who you are is someone worthy and capable of having intelligent conversations and two knowing what to say, when to say, and how to say it.” He adds that it is all about the art of conversation and making people believe it is their idea, not yours. 

“We spend the majority of our time working on one thing, that’s words, words of magic. See, words have the power to make you cry, words have the power to make you laugh, words have the power to start wars. You need to be equipped with the right words to have that intelligent conversation.” 

When asked why it is important to believe in yourself first, Chadi explains, “Confidence is everything. When we take a look at the majority of people out there, it doesn’t matter if they’re in real estate or some other industry; most people lack self-confidence. In their mind, they make themselves believe they can do it, but when it comes down to it, they cannot take action.” To develop that belief system that you are worthy and capable, you have to go back to the power of words. What you say is what you are, and comments are so vital to your success. You have to find what motivates you and dig deeper to find out why that inspires you and who you need to become to accomplish that goal. 

Chadi discusses how one of his biggest mentors is Tom Ferry. While he spent 11 years working with him, he realized that Tom would ask himself a specific question every morning “Who do I need to be right now to become the person who will have an impact on people.” That was one of his biggest inspirations, and he implemented that in his own life. 

One of the things he does in his business is to help his clients develop a sales process;

Step One: Assume the sale

Step Two: Creating a deep connection

Step Three: Prequalify

Step Four: Present

Step Five: Close

Step Six: Handle Objections

In closing, we ask Chadi how important it is to have high emotional intelligence, “That’s everything. Having that emotional intelligence is going to tell you exactly where your prospect is at every moment.” People make decisions with emotion and validate those decisions with logic. Tapping into a client, or potential client, pain point will be the best possible tool you will have to close.

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