Attraction-Based Marketing with Chauncey Pham | Client Generation Podcast EP. 124


Attraction-Based Marketing with Chauncey Pham

Chauncey Pham is a small-town girl from East Texas. She always felt like she was different because in high school, while all of her friends were thinking about moving into apartments on their own, she wondered who owned the apartments. She dropped out of college, started a customer service and account management job, moved into sales and the marketing industry. She and her family sold a few houses during that time and were not happy with the real estate agents. Her loan officer told her she should get her real estate license because she carried the transactions herself. After about a year and a half, she decided to get her license and closed eight houses in her first month.

When asked what have been some of the most successful things she’s done to grow a brand, Chauncey says, “I would definitely say Youtube has been my number one tool. But I think a lot of people get confused with the marketing side of things, and they confuse tools with strategies. Every tool that I used, I had a little bit of a different strategy.” She explains her strategy for youtube was putting out content that answered other people’s questions. Instead of putting out the content, she focused on finding out who her ideal client is and creating things that would attract and add value for them when they watch. “Instagram, I would say would be the second tool that has been really good to me and strategy-wise with Instagram is that I wanted to make as many online friends as possible.” She focused on being authentic and genuine to who she is, which helped attract her ideal client.

Chauncey elaborates that it is essential to expose yourself to your audience to connect with them when using social media like Instagram. Too often, people are so concerned with making everyone happy, playing it safe, and not standing up for what they believe in that they appear to be shallow and don’t allow people to really get to know them. If they don’t have the opportunity to know you, they will not like and trust you.

“People know exactly where I stand with everything. This could be everything from chickens to politics to what I think about real estate agents. So, they know where I stand, but they align with me because of that and because of the fact that I am going to stand by it.” Stop selling commodities and start selling belief systems.

There is nothing unique about being a realtor. Everyone has access to the same tools, platforms, etc., but YOU are what makes your business unique. Most real estate agents are afraid of video. They come up with a million excuses as to why they are not doing it. I don’t like the way I look, and I don’t have a good camera, I don’t know how to edit a video, the list goes on and on. But the hard truth is that video marketing is where we are now, and if you are not utilizing it, you are losing. Video content is the lifeblood of your business.

“I really try to make people tap into what their strengths are in the environments and places that they feel the most comfortable,” Chauncey suggests writing down five things that you’re good at even if they have nothing to do with real estate and then figure out a way to leverage those things to build your business. Leverage video while you are in those spaces. Everything Chauncey says goes back to marketing 101, “Know who your customer is.”

When asked how she got good at knowing what problems her clients might be facing, Chauncey says, “I built out my client avatar and was very clear on who I wanted to work with, if you’re marketing to everyone, then you’re marketing to no one. Common sense told me a couple of their problems, I also went into Facebook groups and online forums, and then I asked my audience.” Once she figured out their problems, she would then feed them to answer their questions.

Marketing is two things: attracting people to you and pushing people away from you, but at some point, a sale has to happen. We ask Chauncey what that looks like for her. “Understanding that marketing from an attraction-based standpoint already puts you at a sort of elevated status, right? People are coming to you. You’re not chasing them because they are coming to you for some reason. When they come to me, I don’t sell them, attraction-based themselves by actually giving them what they came for; I don’t try to sell them on me; I simply solve their problems.”

If you would like to connect with Chauncey you can find her on her Website.

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