Machine of Consistency


Do you have a machine of consistency?

I was at John Cheplaks Mastermind in Lake Tahoe, California, and it was an unbelievable experience. One of the greatest takeaways I had was “do unscalable shit and do it better than anyone else.” take that a step further; once you get really good at it, give it to someone or something else.

Many real estate agents working toward building teams or building businesses spend so much of their time doing it themselves. Mostly everybody in the room yesterday, at least the speakers, were people that did that stuff, and then they gave it to somebody else, trained them, gave them the tools, invested in them, and allowed them to become better at whatever that thing was.

When you look at growing a business, especially in real estate, you’re never going to grow past yourself. I know that as a software company focused on helping people in real estate, I’m never going to grow past myself. That is why we brought the COO in and is why we brought these other amazing people in to replace me in specific parts of my business. Everybody in that room is doing that exact thing; they’re working to level up through people. Some people are doing it through automation, but most of the people there yesterday do it through people.

There was a ton of incredible insight into EQ, working with people, believing in people, investing in people, pouring into people. The biggest takeaway I had was to do unscalable shit and do it better than anyone and then pass it over to someone else so YOU can continue to go out there and level up.

This allowed these people to create space for themselves so they could go out there and find more stuff to help them improve so they could innovate the way they do things. They built these machines that are consistently doing what needs to be done daily so that their business is growing astronomically every day, often without them.

It is incredible to witness. A lot of real estate agents think that success is going to be this one event. Some people stop doing something that’s working because it’s working. Many people forget that when you do something, and it is successful, you should build systems and operationalize it so it keeps working, so you have time to grow.

Do unscalable shit, do it better than anyone else, and then give it to someone else. Build automations, build tools, and build people that can replace you, so you focus on the next component to your business. That’s what it takes to build businesses.

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