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In this “Winning with Witly” we discuss Creating Predictability in your RE Business.

Wouldn’t  you want predictability in your real estate business and start? To not have to wonder when or where your next deal is? That is what we strive to do here at Witly, help you make your income more predictable.

Coach Dylan talks to one of our clients about his business and helps him identify what is going wrong in his conversion process so he can start “Winning with Witly”!

After digging deep, we realized that we need to ensure he has a system to nurture and take care of the leads he has coming in. He has a follow-up process, but it did not perform the way he had hoped. So, the goal is to pivot his strategy from hard selling to nurturing the relationship and focusing on his branding.

He was approaching his leads too quickly by offering a CMA right out of the gate. Our strategy is to put retargeting videos in place to build up his reputation, brand, and relationships with his leads. We also developed an organic marketing plan to make sure he is being consistent on his social media accounts, so he is seen as an active agent.

Our coaches are here to help you identify the problems you may be facing in your business and give you the tools to solve them.

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