Let’s Talk Sales with Dale Archdekin | The Client Generation Podcast EP. 120


Let’s Talk Sales with Dale Archdekin

Dale Archdekin is the founder of Smart Inside Sales, a coaching and training company serving residential real estate agents and brokers. Dale began his real estate career by cold calling and working internet leads. In his first five years, he became one of the top FSBO and Expired listing agents in his market. Over the course of time, he went on to become the Director of Lead Generation for a small local team and was instrumental in growing it to a top-5 Keller Williams Realty Mega Team. Dale’s inside sales team was pivotal in more than doubling the team’s sales to over $200 million in just three years. Now Dale and his team replicate that success through sales training, lead conversion, and team growth consulting for clients across the U.S. and Canada.

When asked how he could operationalize his process in growing sales teams, Dale explains, “One is that you reap the rewards that you invest in. Whether you’re investing dollars, time, or focus.” He adds that if you are not willing to invest in the things you want to accomplish, you simply won’t get the rewards.

Dale says, “Sales is not for everybody,” which is so true! It takes a unique person to be a successful salesman. When asked if he figured out how to determine if someone would be good at sales, he explains that it is challenging. He has had instances where someone who had the motivation, grit, and grind just could not land a sale and someone else who, on paper, you would never think they’d be good at sales absolutely dominate.

Dale believes that consistency is vital when building systems, and he has noticed it comes naturally for some and not for others. “In terms of success, if you’re strength is building systems, it’s going to be easy for you, and if not, you’re just going to have to do it. Like brushing your teeth.”

When asked how his process works, Dale explains, “First look at the people that you know the best and put some kind of simple process in place, build it for 12 months. How many times am I going to touch on these people in 12 months? That gives you a framework.” Dale puts less focus into sales messaging and more into being a friend.

Dale explains that although he is not the best salesperson, he excels with training. He analyzes how high-level salespeople operate and helps them figure out how to streamline their processes. Instead of looking at leads with the mindset of how they will serve you, he teaches people to focus on how they can serve them.

“You know what funny I think that initially when we are training these people these techniques, there are people that are like oh my god, I get it right away. My intention is to serve other people, and a lot of reagents are like that. They want to help people. They just don’t understand how to help that other person understand that. They do it ineffectively. And then some of them just still want to win and still just want what they want and when we teach them, hey, this is a technique that is going to get what you want, they are like oka lets do it. And then I think when they do it, they start t get more comfortable and see how much more empowering and enjoyable the process is when you approach it from what’s in that person’s best interest.”

When asked if he encourages his clients to speak less and listen more, Dale explains that they are in control of the sale if the other person is talking. “What can people do to learn not to talk so much? I think the best thing they can do is listen to themselves. As their listening thing, what am I learning about this person, am I discovering the things that are important to this person, what their perspective is, and what would cause them to do something a different way.”

Dale believes that 90% of sales issues can be improved by simply teaching salespeople to be question-oriented and client-focused. “Most people think the core of sales is persuasion and promotion when in fact that’s just the icing on the cake and the cake is the questions and the core of understanding who you’re engaging with and where they are at.”

If you would like to connect with Dale, you can find him on his website!

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