Creating a Lead Generation Machine Using Witly with David Prulihiere


Creating a Lead Generation Machine Using Witly with David Prulihiere

In this episode of the Client Generation Podcast, I am joined by David Prulihiere to discuss how he took his business to new heights using the Witly platform!

David is a team lead and real estate agent who started his career in lending in the late 1990s. After 15 years of experience, he decided to roll into the sales side and got his real estate sales license (in 2008).

“About five years ago, maybe six or seven actually by now we first got together. I jumped into one of your programs that really just changed my career. I was debating on leaving real estate, but then I came across you, and you showed me how to generate leads in a way that I had never done before.” He explains that after three months, he was able to close nine deals for the first time in his career. Six months after that, he was even opening his very own brokerage.

The number one thing we see plague businesses is not knowing how to get customers! It is amazing to see what people can build for themselves when they finally are able to get customers. When asked how it was before learning, David says he lived a very simple life and just wanted more. “Your system was so easy to do that I just followed step one, step two, step three, and leads started coming in. I wondered, why isn’t everyone doing this?” David adds that he absolutely hated cold calling, which Witly made him not have to do anymore.

When asked how Witly helped him in 2021, David says, “2021 was the best year I’ve had so far. I started January off with the best month I’ve ever had and closed 14 deals in January. I did just under 17 Million in sales. 4.8 Million earned through the Witly system.”

David can now have a team of buyers agents who are guaranteed leads every single day. He has been able to build a successful team, and it has created a ton of opportunities for him to teach others everything that he has learned. When asked what he is doing in the Facebook marketplace, David explains he figured out a way to use the marketplace for selling as well. “100% using the stuff you taught me but just shifting it a little bit.”

If you would like to connect with David, you can text him at 541.218.5778, and he can get back to you pretty quick!


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