Hitting Willionaire Status with Don Sprenkel | Client Generation Podcast EP. 123


Hitting Willionaire Status with Don Sprenkel

Don Sprenkel is a realtor at Homes by Team Schroth, a team brokered by eXp Realty in Orlando, Florida. He has been using Witly for a while now and recently hit Willionaire status, which means he has sold over a million dollars in real estate in 90 days, or his case, less than 90 days using the platform. For over two years, Don has been a real estate agent and has managed to navigate keeping his profession as a firefighter/EMT simultaneously.

When asked about some of the biggest challenges he faced when advertising and generating leads, Don first focused on creating systems and processes. He then created a social media presence to have authority and influence in the real estate business and connect with his sphere of influence. He remains consistent with his posts and always tries to stay busy. “Okay, how do we expand that even further into the community? When I heard your interview with Joshua Smith…I was like, okay, I need to chat with this guy and figure out what his business is all about.”

“Witly allowed me to do the things that I wanted to do on Facebook, implement the vision I had, without having to worry about how I was going to figure out all of the backend stuff in Facebook ads manager. The ability to have you guys to help me strategize and also break down what the numbers look like on the backend.”

When you have a Witly account, you also get a marketing coach. You get somebody to meet your goals, dreams, and what you’re trying to accomplish and help you build a marketing plan. We also help you digest the numbers, help you improve, help you optimize, and help you perfect the systems you put in place.

When asked how his business changed from using Witly after all of the above was implemented, Don says, “Over the last month to month and a half, I closed three transactions which totaled 1.2-1.3 million.”

“With Witly, what is really going to help is continuing the vision I have, which is creating a presence in my community and my sphere and just continuing to grow that sphere. Working with you guys to implement the right strategy on how to go about and do it, so it’s cost-effective at the same time.”

Systems don’t build themselves, but the beautiful thing about systems and processes is that they typically don’t fail once you get them established and put in place, and everything is working the way it is designed to.



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