Automate Your Follow Ups with Drip Campaigns


Automate Your Follow Ups | Witly

Building a relationship with your leads is a crucial component in creating the conversion we’re all hoping for! This week’s Witly Best Practice tip is all about lead follow-up. Whether you are using a CRM or your Witly platform to organize and interact with your leads, automate your follow ups with drip campaigns to help you stay on top of interacting with your database.
Connect with your audience using real estate focused campaigns, like information on new listings for buyer leads or even helpful tips for those looking to list their homes! Your Witly marketing coach can help you decide on relevant content to include in your campaign for your specific audiences. Automating your follow-up helps you stay top of mind using consistent check-ins and helps you weed out any leads looking to get started in half the time manual follow up would!

Of course, Witly makes this whole process super simple. Check out our free trial and start automating your lead conversion now. I’ll be there to help you through the whole process!

What are some systems or practices you use to make sure you’re staying on top of following up with your new leads?


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