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How To Get Referrals Using FREE Facebook Groups in this weeks Witly Best Practices! Watch the full interview below.

We went live in our private Facebook group with Will Penney, CEO of Social Orchard.

Why use Facebook groups as a way to generate more referrals? Will has been a realtor for 34 years, and they didn’t have the tech we have now when he first got in. He has seen so many significant changes recently and realized third-party companies like HomeLight, Ideal Agent, etc., are spending millions of dollars on getting in front of our people first.

He wanted to figure out the best way to keep in touch with his past clients and SOI. That’s when he discovered Facebook groups. He realized how easy it is to build and nurture hundreds of relationships simultaneously using this free feature on Facebook.

Attention is the currency of sales, and when you get that attention, you need to have a way to keep it. Facebook groups are a fantastic way to do that and for free.

Not everyone is answering their phones or opening emails, but everybody is on social media. Facebook is driving so much traffic to groups and is pushing so much organic attention to them that now is the best possible time to get started.

Will Penney has learned how to create a social CRM using Facebook groups to get consistent referrals for his business.

Watch the full interview now to find out his top tips for creating, building, and nurturing a Facebook group for your business.


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