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She Generated 75 Leads Over the Past Month

As the season begins its rapid descent into autumn and I begin to reflect upon all that has transpired throughout the year, I am left with a sense of excitement for what the future holds.

For some agents, however, the changing season signifies a “slowing down” period where their business goes into a hibernative state. Very little new business comes in, leaving the agent to stress about the winter and focus solely on closing any transactions they have been nurturing.

Witly does not hibernate. She does not slow down. And I want you to think of her as your personal marketing assistant. Witly has already completed 3 List To Exist Challenges in the second half of 2021 helping hundreds of attendees begin building their future proof marketing pipelines. That is why I can feel confident and excited for my clients’ winter. They will be as busy as ever following up with leads, creating video content, and finishing their marketing systems.


One such client, who instantly comes to mind, is a newer agent already on the pathway to success. Her single lead generation system that she built with Witly has, over the past month, generated over 75 leads. Imagine, if you will, back to your very first year as a real estate agent. If back then you had built a marketing system that consistently generated 2 or more leads every day – month after month, year after year – for less than $10 a day, where do you think you would be by now?

As a marketing coach, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than watching my clients succeed through their marketing efforts. Even during the “winter lull,” Witly can build you a pipeline that will create consistent business for you. Then you’ll love the changing seasons just as much as I do.

– Coach Jude

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