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Growing his Real Estate Business Over 20%

Josue Soto is the CEO of the Soto Legacy Group out of Orlando, Florida. When the market shifted, he realized he needed to do something big to succeed in a struggling industry. The majority of his business came from referrals, and they didn’t focus on marketing; Josue even stating he hated social media.


He realized that social media was crucial because even though they were top producers, they noticed that no one knew who they were. Josue discovered Witly, and what attracted him was the ability to create your own ads and have Witly run them for you. It made the process of running ads much more manageable with the coaching and tools provided by Witly.


Another tool Witly uses that changed Josue’s business is retargeting. When they started implementing that in their business, they began to get leads flooding in. It builds trust, name face recognition, and more.


Using Witly has allowed Josue to grow his business by 20% year after year.


Witly helps you generate leads, enables you to stay in front of your prospects with video remarketing, and has an appointment strategy to help you book when leads are ready.


Josue mentions that Grant helped him realize how important it was to invest time into social media and that Witly helped optimize that and works perfectly for his team.



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