How to Create Your Own Market and Leave the Competition Behind


It’s no secret that real estate is a competitive industry. But what if you could create your own market, and leave the competition behind? It may sound like a daunting task, but with the right branding and marketing strategy, it’s entirely possible.

As a real estate agent, you are constantly battling for the best clients and the best commissions. And in today’s market, it seems that more and more real estate agents are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead, which makes it increasingly difficult to stand out from the pack.

At the end of the day, only the fittest will survive, and if you want to be one of those agents that continues to thrive in this highly competitive industry, you need to be willing to go above and beyond.

Whether that means taking on more clients, investing in better marketing strategies, or working harder than anyone else around you, it’s time for you to stand up and fight for your place in this industry.

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. Traditional marketing techniques just don’t seem to work anymore. And if you’re not willing to change with it, you’ll be left behind.

So ask yourself: are you ready to do whatever it takes to be the best agent out there? If so, let’s get started.

There is a way forward… for those willing.

If you’re sick and tired of fighting over the scraps of top producers, read this article carefully. We will provide you with some real estate branding ideas that will make you the go-to leader in your market.

Your real estate business will boom if you are willing to go against the grain; if you’re willing to do something different. If you’re willing to put in the work, there’s no one out there that can stop you from becoming successful.

Build a brand that separates you from the pack.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any successful business, and real estate is no exception. In order to attract the best clients and earn the best commissions, you need to have a strong brand that sets you apart from the competition.

As a real estate agent, it’s essential to invest in real estate branding strategies that help you build a strong brand. By investing in real estate branding, you’ll be able to attract more business and earn more money.

So if you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, start by focusing on your brand. It’s time to make your mark on the industry and show the world what you’re made of.

The Market Share Story

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of home buyers and 90% of home sellers used an agent to complete their transactions. This means that, on average, an agent will represent the buyer or seller in about 9 out of every 10 transactions.

The market share can vary greatly from one agent to another, depending on a number of factors, including experience, location, and specialization. If you want to be one of the real estate agents that dominate the market share, it’s important to focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

So if you’re ready to take your real estate career to new heights, start by embracing real estate branding strategies that help differentiate you from the pack. By building a strong brand, you’ll be able to attract more business and earn more money.

Oof. But doesn’t that just sound exhausting?

It’s no secret that real estate agents are some of the most competitive and driven professionals in the world. In order to succeed, they have to be willing to put in long hours and go above and beyond for their clients. But in recent years, there’s been an added pressure to succeed: the need to create and maintain a strong real estate brand.

Consider the best real estate branding examples you can think of. What are they doing to win? Odds are they are spending a fortune creating content and exhausting themselves in the process.

In a business where appearances can make or break a deal, agents have to be very careful about how they present themselves online and in person. They have to put forth a positive image at all times, which can be very tiresome.

For many agents, it’s simply not possible to keep up with the real estate brand of the top-producing agent in their market. As a result, they end up feeling burned out and stressed out.

Real estate branding doesn’t have to be so hard!

Ready to breath easy?

We’re here to tell you that market share should not keep you up at night. That’s right. Your real estate business can make you a fortune without all the keeping-up-with-the-Jonsessesses.. 🤔

Even if you’re not in the top tier of real estate agents, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to make a name for yourself in your market.

The top-producing real estate agents in any given market may have only 2-4% of the market’s share, yet they are closing perhaps hundreds of deals per month.

Even if you take a look at every real estate transaction in the nation, the top four agencies only account for 20% of the market share. That leaves 80% of the transactions up for grabs!

But you don’t need all of that business to be crushing it in real estate.

Instead, you need a real estate brand that consistently communicates your value to a very specific group of people. By focusing on providing great service and becoming a trusted resource for a specific type of client, you can quickly build a loyal following that will help you close more deals.

So don’t be discouraged by the top producers in your market – there’s still plenty of room for you to succeed!

So let’s get into just one of the ways you can set yourself apart!

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It’s time to become a specialist

In any industry, specialization is key to success. The real estate industry is no different. In a market where there is already a glut of so-called “generalists,” it can be difficult to stand out. However, those agents who focus their efforts on a specific niche can quickly become trusted partners to a group of home buyers and sellers.

And, as anyone in the business will tell you, a satisfied client is worth their weight in gold. Not only are they likely to use your services again in the future, but they will also recommend you to their friends and family. This word-of-mouth marketing is priceless and can help you build a successful career in real estate. So, if you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the industry, focus on becoming a specialist. It will pay off in spades.

The easiest way to do this is to know who your ideal customers are and focus all of your messaging, marketing materials, and advertising spending to attract them.

The Generalist Survives

Take doctors, for example. A general practitioner knows everything about the body—generally. They know, from top to bottom, how to identify problems in your body and give you medication or direction on how to fix it. They know how to diagnose those issues and provide you with solutions.

But the reality is that general practitioners work more hours than most other doctors and make less money than most other doctors—on average 30% less!

The Specialist Thrives

However, have you ever had a heart complication? I hope not! But if you have, I’m sure you’ve experienced a second pain: the medical bill!

If you go into a heart surgeon’s office, you’re dealing with a completely different animal. This person studies one part of the body, works less typically than a general practitioner, yet makes astronomically more money.

That’s the difference between being a generalist and being a specialist.

In other words…

Anyone in the real estate industry will tell you that it’s a competitive field. In order to succeed, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to specialize in a particular niche. By focusing your efforts on a specific area of real estate, you can create your own market and separate yourself from the competition. And because you’ll be seen as an expert in your field, you won’t have to spend as much money on marketing and advertising. Instead, you can let your clients come to you! Specializing in a niche is a great way to build a successful real estate business.

So how do you become a specialist?

The best way to become an expert in your field is to focus on a specific area of the market that you are knowledgeable about. The goal here is to dig in and spend some time creating in your mind your ideal client.

Who is the person that you would love to do business with for the rest of your career? And is anyone else trying to market themselves to that individual? If not, that’s even better!

A couple of examples for you to consider

Not sure where to get started? Not sure exactly what we mean by a specialist? Consider these examples.

How about military veterans?

Military veterans have real estate needs that are unique to their situation. Many veterans are uncomfortable with the traditional real estate process, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, real estate branding is essential for attracting and retaining military veterans as clients.

By creating a brand that is specifically designed for military veterans, real estate professionals can make the process of buying or selling a home more efficient and stress-free. In addition, a well-executed real estate branding strategy will help to build trust and loyalty among military veterans, making them more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family members.

What about short-term rental property investors?

The rapid growth of Airbnb and other short-term rental companies has been a major disruptor in the real estate industry. However, the real estate investor also presents a unique opportunity for agents who are willing to adapt their branding and marketing strategies.

By positioning themselves as experts in the short-term rental market, agents can tap into a new source of leads and clients. In addition, by understanding how Airbnb and similar companies operate, real estate agents can better serve their clients who are looking to list their properties on these platforms. With the right approach, real estate agents can take advantage of the growth of Airbnb and other short-term rental companies to boost their business.

You should do your own research (here is a good start), but understand that the needs of the short-term rental investor are very different from that of those looking for their dream home.

For real estate investors looking for short-term rental properties, it is important to consider the type of home that will be most appealing to renters. This can be done by choosing a style of home that is unique and memorable, but easy to maintain.

For example, if your client is targeting business travelers, she might want to consider a modern condo with a sleek design and high-end amenities. As a knowledgeable agent, you can guide investors in their purchase decisions. All it takes is a little digging into what makes this very specific type of client successful!

Also – keep in mind that many investors are looking to purchase more than just one home, so if you can position your real estate brand in a way to make yourself the go-to agent in your market for this type of individual, you might be surprised to find one relationship lead to multiple deals!

The bottom line

Now ask yourself this question: How many of your competitors only know how to think about finding their client’s dream home? Exactly.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose to specialize in. All that matters is that you choose to specialize in something.

Take an approach to real estate branding that makes your voice the loudest in a smaller circle instead of trying to be the loudest voice in a stadium filled with noisy agents all clamoring to get the attention of the general client.

When it comes to real estate, it’s important to find something you’re passionate about so you can be the go-to agent when buyers and sellers need help in your niche. When people know they can count on you for expert advice in a certain area, they’re more likely to come to you for help when it comes time to buy or sell a property.

Plus, if you’re passionate about what your clients need, you’ll be able to better serve your clients and build lasting relationships with them.

Take some time to consider what you’re passionate about so you can choose a specialty that suits you—and your future clients.

Who do you want to work with for the rest of your real estate career?

What you want to identify is, who is your ideal customer? Who do you want to do business with every single day for the rest of your real estate career?

Really dig in, who are they? What’s their family situation? What’s their marital status? Do they have kids? Are there locations they need to be close to, locations they want to stay away from, schools they’ve gotta be by, recreational activities they wanna be close to? Where do they like to eat? Where do they like to shop? Where do they like to get coffee?

Every single detail that you can uncover about your ideal customer will help you build this little part of the market that is your specialty.

And if you do it right, you’ll begin to see other agents refer you business, because you know everything there is to know about _____________ and they don’t know a thing!

Go all-in on your ideal client

A real estate agent’s brand is critical to their success. It’s how they present themselves to the world and attract their ideal clients. And while it’s important to have a strong overall brand, it’s also essential to be super specialized in one niche. By focusing on a particular type of client, you can go all-in on attracting them. This means knowing what they want and need, and then creating a branding strategy that resonates with them. It might seem like a lot of work, but the payoff can be huge. Not only will you be able to attract more of your ideal clients, but you’ll also be able to close more deals and build a stronger reputation in your chosen niche.

How do you reach that niche?

Anyone in the real estate industry will tell you that branding is everything. In a crowded market, it’s what sets you apart from the rest and allows you to attract your ideal clients. And while there are many traditional methods of branding, one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is through hyper-targeted social media marketing.

With tools like Witly, you can create highly customized ads that target specific demographics, interests, and even behavior patterns. As a result, you can reach a super niche clientele that is much more likely to engage with your brand. So if you’re looking to take your real estate business to the next level, consider investing in some hyper-targeted social media marketing. It just might be the key to success.

If the prospect of getting started is a little daunting, don’t worry: our amazing in-house Marketing Coaches can guide you every step of the way. Plus, they are experts at all things video marketing, which is a requirement if you want to build any kind of brand in today’s market.

If you want to be one of the best real estate agents out there, Witly is the way to go.


Real estate agents who are looking to specialize need to consider their target market and what they can offer those other agents cannot. By focusing on a specific type of client, you can go all-in on attracting them. This means knowing what they want and need, and then creating a branding strategy that resonates with them. It might seem like a lot of work, but the payoff can be huge. Not only will you be able to attract more of your ideal clients, but you’ll also be able to close more deals and build a stronger reputation in your chosen niche.

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