How to Get Seller Leads in Real Estate


Wish you were generating more seller leads in your real estate business right now? You may be getting a lot of new leads, but if you’re like most real estate agents, you’re probably noticing that most of them are buyer leads. And you might be asking yourself, “How do I get more seller leads?”

Many agents have convinced themselves this is just the market we’re in. They tell themselves it doesn’t matter what lead generation strategies they put in place, there is no way to generate seller leads. Seller lead generation isn’t even a thing!


Real estate lead generation doesn’t have to be so brutal. You don’t need lead generation companies or marketing agencies, and you don’t have to shell out a small fortune to start getting more leads. If you want more leads, especially seller leads, you just have to change the way you talk to people.

What if we told you there is a way to generate seller leads by shifting your marketing strategies specifically to attract them? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to tell you how!

And honestly, it’s not even that hard. It’s all about your messaging.

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Alright. Ready to learn how to get seller leads in real estate? Let’s go.

Remarket your audience with seller-specific content

Do you have a database? All real estate professionals do!

And if you are like most real estate agents, you probably do, too. And that database is one of your most valuable business assets.

Why? Because your database is full of seller leads. That’s right. We said it. You are sitting on a treasure trove of people who have already indicated they are interested in selling their property. And better yet, you already have their contact information!

Now you just have to figure out who they are. 🤔

But just having a database is not enough. In order to get the most value out of your database, you need to regularly reach out to your contacts with targeted content.

What do we mean by targeted content? We mean content that is specifically designed to meet your goals. For example, if you’re trying to get seller leads, your content should be focused on helping sellers make the decision to sell their property.

How do I convince people to sell their property?

It’s not enough to tell them you can sell their home – you have to show them you can help them find their new home as well. 52 percent of sellers are also looking to buy.

In this market, they aren’t worried about selling their own home, they are worried about where they’re going to go next! You need to convince people that you’re not going to leave them homeless.

Here’s one mistake we see real estate agents making all over the country right now: they keep telling their target audience 1) inventory is low and 2) rates are going up.

Question: What do you think a seller lead hears when you say that?

Answer: This person can’t help me.

If you’re saying these two things to anyone right now, 🛑 STOP! 🛑

Instead of focusing on the negatives, turn the conversation around, present yourself as the solution, and show them how: “It’s true some agents are having trouble finding their sellers homes to buy. But prospective sellers should work with me because I know how to overcome those challenges.”

Side note: Don’t worry about losing buyer leads

As you begin this process, don’t worry about losing buyer leads. Yes, you will be shifting your focus to seller leads, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have any issues raking in buyer leads as well – the market is saturated with buyers! Plus, the tips we’re going to give you in this post will also attract buyers.

Do you know why? Because you’re not just generating leads, you’re building a brand!

All real estate agents need to hear this: marketing is messaging

There’s no way around this: marketing is messaging. So it’s the message that you’re putting out in the marketplace that’s going to attract the type of opportunities that you want.

That’s why it’s important to know what kind of message you want to communicate, and to whom you want to communicate it. If you’re trying to attract seller leads, for example, then your messaging should be focused on helping sellers understand how you can help them sell their property – and find them their next home!

On the other hand, if you’re trying to attract buyers, then your messaging should be focused on helping them understand the benefits of working with you.

The bottom line is that the type of messaging you put in your marketing affects the outcome of your marketing. So if you want to attract high-quality real estate seller leads, make sure your messaging is on point.


How to create messaging specifically to get seller leads

In this market, real estate agents have to List to Exist. Everyone knows that. However, other than a seller lead knocking on your door, begging you to sell their home (an unlikely scenario), how do you actually attract real estate seller leads?

Focus on seller-specific (video) content

At Witly, we preach video! Why?

Because it’s the highest converting form of online content. Video engages more senses than text or audio, making it easier for viewers to connect with your message. And that connection is key to getting them to take action.

(Not to mention, video is extremely shareable, which means it has the potential to reach a much wider audience than other types of content. And when done well, it can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.)

If you’re unsure where to begin, remember that every Witly user gets access to one of our amazing Marketing Coaches, who can help you get started creating great content with ease! Send us an email to get started!

When you’re up and running creating engaging video content, you want to go all-in with messaging that focuses on engaging seller leads

Tip #1: Create marketing videos that are about selling property

When you’re thinking about how to engage seller leads, one of the best things you can do is create marketing videos that focus on selling property. You want to make sure that your video content provides value to potential sellers, and helps them understand what it takes to sell their property.

Some helpful tips for creating these types of videos:

  1. Keep it short and sweet: in real estate, seller leads, like everyone else, are busy, so your videos should be brief and to the point. For reference, our videos are usually no longer than 2 min. Don’t overwhelm them with information. The goal is to present yourself as a friendly and knowledgeable market leader.
  2. Focus on the benefits: what are the advantages of working with you? How many homes have you sold this year? What do you do differently that will get them top dollar for their home? Make sure your videos highlight these points.
  3. Be professional: seller leads will be judging your video content as an indication of your professionalism, so make sure your videos look and sound great. This doesn’t mean you need to have high-quality production (we always teach people you can just use your phone in selfie mode!), but it does mean your message needs to be clear and concise.

Tip #2: Break down the selling process

Remember that when you are attracting seller leads, you may also be talking to first-time homeowners who find the prospect of selling a home for the first time quite daunting.

When you’re selling a home, it’s important to break down the process so that both your old and new leads feel comfortable and informed. By explaining what will happen step-by-step, you can help them understand the entire process and put their mind at ease. Here are the basic steps of selling a home:

  1. Determine the value of your home.
  2. Prepare your home for sale.
  3. List and market your home.
  4. Negotiate with buyers.
  5. Close the deal and move out!

With each of these steps, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Determine the value of your home

For example, when you’re determining the value of your home, it’s important to be realistic so that you don’t overprice or underprice it. Or, perhaps in this market, you want to underprice it just a bit to drive a flurry of activity and create a bidding war (this is the kind of advice that makes you the market leader and expert in their minds!).

Prepare the home for sale

Preparing your home for sale involves decluttering, deep cleaning, and making any necessary repairs. Perhaps you could partner with a professional cleaner in your local community and offer discounts to your clients.

List and market your home

And when you’re marketing your home, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a variety of strategies to reach buyers, including online listings, open houses, and more – all of which you can do for them.

Negotiate with buyers

Once you’ve found a buyer who is interested in your home, it’s time to negotiate. This can be tricky, but it’s important to remain calm and reasonable. You and the buyer will likely need to compromise on a few things before reaching an agreement. Not to fret, you are an expert negotiator who can walk them through every part of this process.

Close the deal and move out!

Finally, once the negotiation process is complete, it’s time to close the deal and move out! This usually involves signing a contract and then transferring ownership of the property. After that, you’ll be able to start packing up your things and getting ready for your move.

Selling a home can be a daunting task, but by breaking it down into smaller steps, you can make the process much easier to manage for your next client. Again – make sure you don’t overwhelm. Think of it this way: we just gave you not 1, but 5 video ideas.

You’re welcome 😎

Tip #3: Educate people on why now might be the right time for them to sell

If you’re looking to turn your real estate leads into sellers, then you need to be creating seller-focused videos. It’s important to educate potential sellers on why now might be the right time to sell. You can also help them determine if it is the right time for them specifically. This is an important factor in convincing people to take action and work with you. When they see that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy, they will be more likely to do business with you.


Yes, inventory is low. Yes, rates are going up. Everyone knows that. 🤫

Focus instead on what you have been doing with your clients to overcome those obstacles!

Tip #4: Explain what they should be doing to prepare their home to be sold

Depending on how long you have been listing homes, you may be shocked to learn the following: Most people have no idea how to prepare a home for sale. (Just look through some listing pictures on Zillow and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 😳 )


👆🏼 I mean… right?

So here’s a free script for your next video:

“When preparing your home for sale, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to declutter and depersonalize as much as possible. This will help potential buyers see the space more clearly and envision themselves living there. Next, you’ll want to make any necessary repairs or updates. Even small cosmetic changes can make a big difference in how your home is perceived. Finally, be sure to stage your home in a way that is inviting and appealing. This will help create a positive first impression and make potential buyers feel more at ease. By following these simple tips, you can increase the chances of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. If you need any additional information, or you’re interested in selling your home, reach out to me at [email & phone number]. Talk soon!”

How long did it take you to read that? That’s how long your video needs to be. Shoot it with your cell phone in selfie mode while you’re sitting in your car if you have to. (In fact, this kind of video really shows off how easy you might be to work with!)

By positioning yourself as the guide in your client’s journey, you make them feel like the hero they’re meant to be. Don’t assume they know what you know. Share your knowledge!

Tip #5: Relieve fears and concerns

If you have somebody right now that wants to sell a house, they are nervous because most people are asking, well where am I gonna go? I have no idea where I’m gonna go if I sell my property and it is eliminating a lot of opportunities for inventory to loosen up.

So what can you do to alleviate those concerns?

Build a relationship

Your goal is to get your leads to the point where they will do a trust fall with you!

In your videos, walk them through the process of working with you. Be specific. Explain every step of the process and what you’ll do to help them.

For example:

“The first thing we’ll do is meet for a cup of coffee to talk about what excites you. I want to know about your dreams and goals. Why do you want to sell your home? How does selling your home help you achieve your dreams? The next step in the process is for me to come over to your home and get a feel for what we might be able to list it for. After that, I’ll provide some recommendations of people I trust to clean and stage your home that will help you blow potential buyers away….”

…so on and so forth. You get the picture. You have to remember, in this market, that potential sellers feel like they are stepping off the ledge. Will you catch them?

Parting Words

So if you can create plans, if you can create strategies that you communicate through your video content that allows you to not only attract sellers but discuss relevant concerns that you know that they have, you can attract sellers that are saying, okay, I trust this person. They have a plan, they have a strategy. I’m not gonna be homeless if I decide to go out there and sell my property.

So if you’re trying to figure out how do I extract all the seller business out of my database? I’m generating a ton of leads, but I need sellers, I don’t need buyers right now, you wanna orient your content in such a way so that your videos, your educational content, and your testimonials from past clients are all more seller-oriented.

That marketing message is going to pull out the low-hanging fruit that may be sitting in your database so that you can sign more listing agreements.

Thanks for spending your time with us!

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In the meantime, follow the advice above and you’ll be generating seller leads in no time.

Good luck 👍🏼

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