Imitate Before You Innovate


Imitate Before You Innovate

Have you ever taken advice from somebody, and you went to try to implement it, and it didn’t work?

That probably sounds like a silly question, but I heard this quote at the mastermind I was at last week in Lake Tahoe, and it was “imitate before you innovate,” and I really jived with that quote for a lot of reasons.

What I have been doing over the last decade is teaching people how to implement Facebook ads, remarketing campaigns, email automation, text automation, landing pages, all kinds of stuff related to sales funnels in real estate. I always see this very consistent trend where we teach somebody how to do something, and then they take what they’re learning and tweak it. Somebody at the conference called these types of people “tweakers,” and I thought that was funny. So, they’re making these minor tweaks and adjustments to kind of make it their own, and that is a process of innovation.

You’re taking something that works, and you’re changing it to something that you think will be better. So many real estate agents could have monstrous levels of success if they were to imitate what we already know works.

The beautiful thing about real estate is that it has been around for decades. It hasn’t actually changed that much. The way we do things has evolved that is not questionable, but if you look at business, marketing, advertising, and sales, those things are grounded in principles that guide how you should do certain things.

When you are taking advice from an expert, don’t immediately change their idea; imitate them. Do exactly what you’re being coached on so you can actually have the success you are promised.

Nine times out of ten, when we are doing account audits after someone has taken a training of ours and they’ve gone in to implement our system, we notice that there were little tweaks here and there. When we ask them why they made the changes, their answer is typical “I thought it would be better.” Innovating.

When you find systems and processes that work really well, you can have a ton of success if you can copy them exactly as they’re taught.

There are so many amazing coaches and so many outstanding leaders in the real estate industry that have given away what they’ve done, and people have taken it and try to do it on their own and swear it doesn’t work, and that is because they are innovating and not imitating.

Copy whatever it is that you’re being coached on so that you can have success, put the money in the bank and then start to innovate and make the process your own if you even need to. Most people don’t, and they could just keep doing exactly what it is that they’re being coached on.

Many of you already have the tools to be successful, but your pride and ego prevent you from copying what you know works and imitating later once you have success.

Imitate before you innovate.

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