Creating Content Pillars with Jeff Pfitzer | Client Generation Podcast EP. 119


Creating Content Pillars with Jeff Pfitzer

Jeff Pfitzer is a mortgage loan officer from Missouri and has been in the industry for 21 years. Six years ago, he had a group of 30 people and then decided to switch companies. He needed to figure out how to set himself apart, and that is how he discovered video. Now he has over 115 employees doing 4 or 5 times the amount of volume. Now his focus is less on mortgage loans and more on influencing people and making a difference.

Jeff explains that he started to notice people utilizing video in their business to attract more people and realized there was a lot of potential there for his business. It is something that he felt not many people would do, especially when it was still relatively new. So Jeff dove right in! He pushed through his comfort zone and went for it, and opportunities started to open up, and it allowed him to meet some of the most well-known names in the industry.

Attention is the currency of sales, and video allows people to get that attention. The people that are the most entertaining are the ones that are getting the most attention. People don’t want to be sold to they want to be entertained.

When asked what his favorite platforms are, Jeff says he started with Facebook and learned everything about editing videos from his teenage daughter. Now he utilizes Instagram and TikTok. Everyone told him that TikTok was for kids, but now he has 33,000 followers on it. He adds he likes TikTok because he realized it is hard to keep people’s attention for longer than 60 seconds, and TikTok forces you to create content in a confined amount of time.

“I find ways to put out content that is educational in nature, that ties back to real estate but just allows me to remind my audience of what I do.” Jeff advises people to create content pillars to make it easier to know what kind of content to create. For example, personal life, business life, and hobbies.

When asked why he thinks it is important to share personal content and not focus only on business, Jeff explains that people don’t go there to buy. They want to be entertained. If you share your hobbies and interests, people will relate to you, and when they are ready to purchase or need a loan officer, they will remember you because of the personal things you shared.

People get hung up on social media because they don’t believe it works. They hear people recommend they use it in their business but feel like they should be “working and not playing on social media” without realizing that investing time into your content is crucial in your business.

Social media content allows you to reach so many people at a massive scale that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

If you would like to connect with Jeff you can find him @Jeff Pfitzer on all social platforms.

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