Being an Authentic Leader with Jena Turner – EP. 127


Being an Authentic Leader with Jena Turner

Jena Turner has been a Real Estate Agent for 11 years. She got into real estate because she didn’t feel that other career paths were panning out the way she wanted. She started as a personal assistant for a real estate professional. One day that agent handed her a binder full of his investment properties and asked her to find out why they were not profitable. With no real knowledge, she accepted the challenge and figured out how to make them all profitable. This gave her the boost of confidence she needed to start her own consulting business, and she assisted several other real estate professionals with the same thing.


When another real estate agent told her she needed to get her license because she was extremely talented, Jena decided she would do just that. She worked under a brokerage until she looked at her team one day and decided to go independent in order to pay them more and grow her business the way she envisioned. From that moment on, her team thrived! Once the pandemic hit, she realized it was getting kind of lonely, and she really wanted to build a team of more real estate professionals. That’s when she hired John Cheplak, and since then, she has built a team of over 4o people that continues growing rapidly. Jena really cares about her team, and it shows in her passion for building them up as individuals and providing them with as much support as possible. This is even more apparent when she shared the fact she started a program to get paid maternity and paternity leave for real estate agents. “That kind of thing just didn’t exist before.”

When asked how Jena went from three agents on her team to over 40 in just a year, she explains how she had to do a lot of personal work to become a good leader. “In simple terms, we started offering value to realtors in our market. The first thing we started with was an email that went out weekly. We started developing all of the things I was training here and just started putting on paper and sharing it with realtors in my market. That helped us attract the right agents.”

“A year ago, I saw the vision, If we are going to recruit, we are going to do this, and we are going to do it all the way. I started hiring staff for the agents we were going to have. I just knew that if I paid attention to it, I would have to start building it out like we would have fifty agents.” Jena explains. She envisioned what she wanted her growth to be and knew that she needed to have the systems and people in place to support that when it happened.

“We have really built this culture of contribution where we work as a team in so many ways. I think that is super important when you are adding this many personalities to the mix.” Jena adds that she is happy with the atmosphere and environment she has created and refers to it as a “band of misfits with the same goals to grow their business.” She also made it very clear from the start of recruiting what a person has to do to work there and what they have to do to continue working there.

Like Jon says, “Accountability is the ultimate form of love.”

If you want to connect with Jena Turner, you can find her on Facebook or her website.

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