Selling One Hundred Million in Real Estate by Focusing on the Unscalable | Client Generation Podcast EP. 131 With Kelli Salter


Sold One Hundred Million in Real Estate by Focusing on the Unscalable

In this episode of the Client Generation Podcast Grant is joined by Kelli Salter, Realtor, and Owner of Anchor Real Estate in North Carolina. Kelli specializes in working with Military families and says, “When military families PCS to Camp Lejeune, the process of buying a first home can be confusing – between VA loans, deciding where to live, renting vs. buying, etc. Kelli Salter is a Marine wife and has been there. She has helped hundreds of clients accomplish the American dream of homeownership with a fun and easy process from start to finish, whether buying or selling.”

In the last year, she has built a team that has sold just under one hundred million dollars in real estate and plans to break that record this year! When asked how she does it, she says it all comes down to how much she and her entire team genuinely care about their clients—putting a primary focus on what we call the “unscalable” so they can stand out from the competition. This is a fantastic episode full of golden nuggets you do not want to miss!

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