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Collaborating with Industry Professional, Markus Willard


Markus Willard is the Sales Account Manager at StreetText in Blank, Canada. He got into Facebook advertising around 2015 and started working on lead generation. He was the very first person hired on the sales side of StreetText. “StreetText is changing the way people generate online leads for the better. We create opportunities for businesses to meet prospective clients by using advanced lead capture technology, expert advertising, and one of the world’s largest advertising platforms, Facebook. We make it easy to attract leads consistently, start conversations automatically and grow your business today.” -Streettext.com

When asked what makes up a good ad in their eyes, Markus explains that with all of the constant changes in technology and the shorter attention span that people have, it is essential to keep your advertisements simple. They realized that people go wrong by requesting all of the information upfront. Using micro-commitments is the best way actually to get business.

When asked what Facebook does when you run an A/B Split, Test Markus says, “What they’re looking for early on is clicks, and then they’re looking at that profile that clicked and finding more people like that person. Facebook looks at the data over the next 24-48 hours to determine the quantity of leads and the quality.” He further explains that when you have a split test, not only does facebook learn what you want and don’t want when you stop one of those ads but you will be able to “game the system” to figure out what works best for you.

Both StreetText and Witly are similar platforms that love to collaborate on ideas and what is working and not working. Both platforms also work great together, with StreetText providing initial leads and Witly using dynamic remarketing to nurture those leads.

If you would like to learn more about StreetTexts, you can find them on their Website.


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