Charisma Hacking with McCall Jones – EP. 129


McCall is the founder of Charisma Hacking, a set of business systems built from Hollywood tactics that make audiences notice you, then obsess over you, and then compulsively buy from you.

McCall started performing professionally when she was eight as a singer, performing for audiences of tens of thousands of people and acting in several feature films, including Disney’s High School Musical 2. McCall obsessively cataloged the secrets actors and directors use to keep people glued to their screens throughout the years.

The secret to Charisma Hacking’s success is that the systems adapt to the entrepreneur’s personality – we’ve cracked the code on how an entrepreneur can amplify the best parts of themselves to build a rabid fan base, regardless of whether they are as intense as Gary Vee, nurturing as Brene Brown, energetic as Russell Brunson or matter-of-fact as Dave Ramsey.

With Charisma Hacking, clients have increased Youtube video watch times by up to 242%, tripled their revenue, 20x their Facebook ad click-through rate, and more than anything else, finally were able to connect with their audience in a meaningful way and deliver their message in a way that resonated by being the best version of themselves.

McCall explains, “I help people be more likable and more persuasive on video. I have figured out how to get people to pay attention to you, trust you, and act. The way that I started charisma hacking was I have a background in performing. When I was young, I had a lot of pressure on me. Obviously, as a young performer, that happens. I went from performing at talent shows to performing in front of over 35,000 people in the span of a couple of months, so that combined with having a dad that, unfortunately, if I messed up on stage, he wouldn’t speak to me for days at a time because I embarrassed him in front of his friends. So it was a really high-stakes environment. What that led to was just me watching the people I was fortunate enough to be on the program with and breaking down what made them charismatic. In my brain back then, it was really what made people clap. I did this because I was always afraid that my “it” factor that people said I had would go away.” That caused McCall a lot of anxiety, and her way of coping was learning how to “bottle the it factor.”

“We have a process called charisma styles. You and every other person on the planet is one of 54 different combinations of charisma styles that makes up who you are as a person and is THE thing that makes people pay attention to you, trust you and do what you say.” She explains that she found this information by studying people from different walks of life and figuring out how they got people to do what they say. Using science and math, they were able to come up with these categories that people were clumping into.

What McCall came to realize is that most people are using more than one charisma style. One is working for them while the others are sabotaging them. She believes it is crucial to find the one that works best for you and utilize that to get people to like and trust you.

McCall teaches people how to be themselves on camera to create more compelling content. She believes that it is not repetition that makes you better but actually figuring out how to put out videos that don’t feel awkward and uncomfortable because you act just as you would if you were in person. It is essential to pinpoint the parts of your video that feel awkward and figure out why.

“With all these real estate agents, the reason why they’re so successful is in person they establish relationships with people very, very quickly. But the problem is when they get on video, that immediate relationship-building skill goes away because they’re not being themselves. They’re trying to change things because video is a new thing for them. ” She adds that what they specialize in doing is helping people translate what they’re great at in-person over to video.

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“The beautiful thing about charisma hacking is there is a metric we can measure. If people have drop-off rates, we know that their entertainment style is not correct; they’re using the wrong one. If people aren’t engaging the way that you want, then we know it’s your compassion style, and we know that if people make it to the end of your speech or the end of your video and they don’t convert, then we know it is your authority style. We have done the work to know exactly where each one of these styles are.”

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