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Mastering Recruiting using Video Marketing

Phil Duke and Charles Benton are two guys that are doing a PHENOMENAL job using video marketing for recruiting agents to their brokerage – First Class Real Estate.

Charles has been in real estate for about fifteen years and had a brokerage for around five of those years. With First Class Real Estate, Charles has locations in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina and has seen rapid growth in the last few years. He is just now starting to understand the new ways of marketing after connecting with Grant Wise and Witly and has seen rapid growth in building his team since.

Phil was one of those who got into real estate, but it didn’t really work out at first. He enlisted in the military and went to school, so the second time he tried out real estate, it went a lot better, and he became a top producer. He has been with First Class for about a year and a half now, running the same playbook in multiple states.

When asked why they think people are not having success with recruiting, Charles says, “I think once you get to a level as a broker and you want to grow, whether it’s locally nationally or whatever, you’ve got to have that passion. You wake up, and that’s what you do every day.” He adds that it is essential not to get caught up in the small stuff and make sure you have the proper systems in place to help you focus on what YOU are good at, and in their case, that is recruiting. “Recruiting solves all of our problems and makes us the most money.”

“If people are out there trying to grow a team, they seem to be going at it with the wrong strategy. You have to realize at least 95% of the agents are not looking to make a move right now. What has worked for us is understanding that we know they’re happy where they’re at right now, but if anything ever changes, we want to be your plan b.” Phil explains. Their goal is to become their plan b brokerage and be the one at the top of agent’s minds when they want to leave their current brokerage.

Nobody cares about more money, bigger split, more tools, etc. When you come in and spew the same thing, everyone else is saying it won’t work. Recuring is a process. Most agents won’t wake up one day and think, “Oh, I want to leave my brokerage today!” Most agents looking for a new brokerage have been considering it for a while. Charles looks at recruiting a lot like seller leads. They may not entirely be ready to sell, but they may be interested in learning more. If you nurture those relationships, they will come to you when they’re ready. They use social media advertising to be an agent’s first pick and to stay top of mind.

Phil and Charles started a meeting called Monday Mastermind Meeting. They would invite agents from other brokerages, offer valuable information and let them get to know First Class and what they offer their agents. Not by pushing but just by adding value. Then they would record a summary of the Mastermind meeting and use the Witly platform to target the agents in their database to stay top of mind. “For a week, every agent in our local area is seeing that video every time they log in for only five dollars a day. If you become the type of leader that can get an agent to the next level, that’s what gets them to swap.” Phil adds.

People buy feelings, not facts. People don’t care about the logic, but people use logic to validate their feelings. When you’re a great leader, you’re not just teaching someone how to increase their revenue, but you’re teaching them how to become the best version of themselves. When these agents see their videos, they think, “Wow, if they’re offering me this much value for free, then I wonder what they would offer me if I were one of their agents.” It all ties back to adding value.

Phil discusses how people often get hung up on the video part because they don’t feel comfortable on camera but adds that Charles utilizes stock video for his advertisements, and they do exceptionally well. “We are big-time into retargeting and got most of this from Grant,” Charles talks about a conversation he had when Grant asked him what his agent acquisition cost was. He realized that you’re going to pay for growth. Scalability is going to cost you money no matter which avenue you choose. He took a lot of what he learned from Witly and Grant to scale his business and use stock videos to recruit and have fun with it!

The great thing about using the Witly system is the ability to take it to any market, do the same thing, and having the same success.

Charles and Phil have used video marketing to stay consistent and have these marketing assets work for them, even while sleeping.

If you would like to connect with Charles, you can find him on Facebook!

If you would like to connect with Phil, you can find him on Facebook!

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