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Who doesn’t like winning?! Check out how Phil Duke has been using Remarketing for recruiting agents to his team! 

“I’m a broker/owner and have been using Witly for recruiting. We created a CSV file with all the local realtors and have been doing weekly “business tips” videos. 3-5 minute video recaps of our weekly sales meeting. We’re spending $5/day to put this weekly video content in front of people. When we see agents “like” a post or comment on it, we reach out to start a conversation. Then we invite them to attend one of our “Monday Morning Mastermind” meetings (our weekly sales/coaching call meeting).

Get this…. 50% of agents who have attended our Monday Morning Mastermind have joined our Brokerage so far this year. The videos give them so much value for free and they’re thinking “If I’m getting THIS MUCH value from this Broker and I’m not even part of his Brokerage, imagine how much I could grow my business if I was there all day, every day…”

Re-marketing works! Not only for recruiting but this can be done for generating new buyers and sellers. If you are looking for some help on implementing a system like this, get connected with one of our marketing coaches today! -Dylan Jones 

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