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Reaching your ideal client

When it comes to marketing, reaching your ideal client can be the most challenging part. 

When you break it down, it makes it so much easier. One of the first things I like to discuss with my client is who THEIR ideal client is. Once we figure that out, we can dig even deeper. 

Below I have included a template that I utilize when helping someone figure out who their ideal client is: This may seem pointless as most people assume you can not or shouldn’t get that specific when marketing.  


Advertising is constantly changing, and you may not know this, but Facebook and Instagram have changed their targeting multiple times. 

With this most recent shift, we have found that utilizing video remarketing to capture your ideal client is exceptionally effective. You want to make sure that your content can relate to your ideal client as much as possible. And you want to make sure you are creating content that will allow them to get to know, like, and trust you. The more you dial in your video retargeting, the more you will realize that the people and clients you talk to are exactly what you have been looking for all this time, your client avatar. The ones that don’t fit those criteria you can pass on as referrals or still work with them; that is up to you. 

I challenge you all over the weekend to practice this exercise! If you have already been assigned to a Witly coach, be sure to sit down with them and discuss your findings. 

Thank you so much! 

– Witly Marketing Coach Dylan

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