Episode 59: Interview with Ronnie George

In this Marketing Genius Podcast interview, we caught up with Ronnie George, the owner of The George Group.
The George group is one of the fastest-growing independent Real Estate brokerages in Lousiana and Ronnie is as real as they come. Today, Ronnie is going to discuss just how they’ve grown and expanded so quickly. We’re going to dive into target marketing, systems and processes for scaling things up, and so much more.
Ronnie got started in real estate when he was 18 years old and never really hit it big in the business until he learned how to run targeted Facebook ads. He was almost instantly overwhelmed with the results he was getting and quickly realized he was one of the only Agents in his market to be using these types of strategies. Ronnie seized the moment and dove headfirst into lead generation, video marketing, retargeting, and so much more.
Check out this episode and see how you can replicate some of his success!
Connect with Ronnie by visiting his website: https://workwithronnie.com/


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