Why Goals Can Be Dangerous


Why Goals Can Be Dangerous

Expectations are the root of all suffering. When I heard that quote, I was mind blown, and when I sat back and reflected on it, I realized that most people typically suffer because of the expectations they have created.

As I have set goals in my business life, there is one thing that I have grown to understand. When I set a goal, I place an expectation, and if I don’t achieve the goal, I end up suffering because I create expectations for what I thought needed to happen for me to be happy.

For you specifically, where else might this apply to your life? Instead of setting goals, and there is nothing wrong with that, establish commitments that will allow you to achieve those goals.

I made a big mistake here recently from a business standpoint. I set massive goals and, therefore, massive expectations around something that I wanted to accomplish.

When you set goals, sometimes you only pay attention to the result. What happens is you fail to prepare for the moment. You fail to prepare for what it’s going to take to achieve said goal because you are only paying attention to what will happen when it is all said and done. In your mind, sometimes it has already happened, and then when you go to start executing, you don’t do what you are supposed to do. You are not adequately preparing for the moment.

Instead of just setting goals, set commitments to achieve those goals. Typically what I have found when I do this is that I just get married to the process instead of married to some timeline or some result, and I end up blowing past the timeline, and I blow past the goal. I end up doing more than I set out to do.

Goals also create limitations on what is possible. You may not always be upset about the results of something, but more you’re upset about the expectations you had. And you can apply this to many areas of your life.

I am more of a visionary type, I love looking at big picture stuff, and I can see where we are going, right? But I had to get really good at understanding what little steps I had to take to get there and focus on the process.

Small wins over time compound into massive success in every area of your life.


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