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From the Brink of Financial Ruin to Living My Dream Life!

Simon Thomas had his own real estate brokerage in the UK before moving to Jupiter, Florida. He jumped back into real estate in Florida, thinking that everything would be easy. Still, he massively underestimated the effort and skills it would take to have a successful business there. Like most parts of the United States, Palm Beach was saturated with real estate agents, making it a very competitive market. He had to resort to getting a second job to support his wife and three children.

Simon started looking for ways to equalize the playing field, and that is when he discovered Grant Wise and Witly. He used the little bit of money he had left to pay for his training and immediately saw his business completely change. He went from working a bar job to make ends meet to making 3.5 Million dollars in sales in 2017 and almost doubling it by 2018.

“Witly helped me gain access to the strategies I needed to double my business every year for the last three years in a row. This program took me from the brink of financial ruin and moving back to the United Kingdom to living my dream life. It changed my life, and I highly recommend you use this service!”

Thomas is the true definition of Winning with Witly!

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