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5 Mistakes That Will Tank Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Mistakes that Tank Facebook Marketing Campaign

5 Mistakes That Will Tank Your Facebook Marketing Campaign With over 1.59 billion monthly active users, Facebook stands as the largest social platform in the world. Good on you, Facebook. For us, the important note is that Facebook users are the most responsive to marketing campaigns on social platforms. They are more likely to click on an outbound link than users of any other social platform. If you’re going to run ads, you need to consider Facebook. That said, it is possible to get it wrong...

3 Keys to a Successful Marketing System

Luke is President of Reminder Media. Graduated with a degree in computer science. He started a website business after college called Next Mark with his brother for four years. He realized you can have a great product, but you have to know sales and marketing, so he spent the next few years honing in those skills. His uncle, who was a mentor to Luke, had a business called Reminder Media, and they eventually joined forces 10 years ago. They started with 40-50 employees and now have 220 employees...


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