The Attractive Character



The Attractive Character

Traveling home from Agent 2021 with the VaynerMedia team and Gary Vaynerchuk himself, I felt plagued by endless questions I got throughout the day.
Agent after agent seemed to have one common question about creating content and building a brand on social media:
“How do I create all of this content and still work as an agent?”
An excellent question to ask, but not so much of an easy question to understand and execute without some simple tools and simple understanding.
The answer: The Attractive Character
Now, this isn’t someone being attractive or acting as a character in business. The AC is the brand, the story, the reason most people will do business with you in each area.
The Attractive Character is made up of 4 unique parts you put on display through your marketing and advertising:
1) Backstory: This is your story and how it’s communicated with your audience.
2) Parables: Taking stories from your everyday experience and relating them to business for your audience to consume.
3) Character Flaws: We don’t live in a perfect world, and it’s those that can eloquently articulate their flaws and build a “real” relationship with the consumer that seems to win the most business.
4) Polarity: One’s ability to get “attention” and keep it.
As the Attractive Character of your business, you are the very reason people are working with your company. A significant distinction: You don’t have to be the one doing all of the work.
While you are a Real Estate agent, if that’s all you “do,” you’ll never likely grow and scale to be at the level you want to expand to.
Know Howard Shultz? He’s the CEO of Starbucks but not someone you ever see in a barista outfit pouring coffee.
Elon Musk? The billionaire car, space, and solar tycoon is rarely caught doing this work. He’s more of a consultant, it would seem, for his own companies.
Look at every major business or brand you can think of. The leaders at the top aren’t actually paid to do the work of their business. They are paid to be the “Attractive Characters” of the company. These leaders are the driving force behind many consumer decisions about using the products they represent.
If you’re looking at your business and trying to figure out how to be more “social” and how to create more content, then remember one simple thing: you are the reason people will do business with your company, but that doesn’t mean you need to be the one doing all the business.
We live in the age of support for the real estate agent. If you can’t afford to hire staff, there are hundreds of services designed to make your business run smoothly through simple software, transaction coordinators, or even virtual assistants.
Build a team around you to take over the minutia, the details, and the grunt work you shouldn’t do. Start creating more content, attracting more people to your business, and building a brand.
It’s a big secret to getting to the next level.

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