Three Custom Audiences to Create for Remarketing in Real Estate

Three Custom Audiences to Create for Remarketing in Real Estate

Today, I will show you the three custom audiences you should create to remarked leads in your real estate business.

If you are logged into your dashboard on Facebook, you will go to the audience section, and that is where you will be able to create the custom audiences.

The three types:

There are three types of custom audiences you want to create. One of those audiences is people who are watching your video content. You will remarket to people who are engaged with what you are putting out there. This is called a video view audience. We will target people who have watched at least fifteen seconds of your video. Then you choose which videos you will work with. You can market to people based on a testimonial or a piece of seller content etc. You can select as many or as few videos as you’d like. Then you hit confirm and create an audience.

The next audience is a lead form remarketing audience. Lead forms are extremely popular in real estate. It is one of the top ways you can grab somebody who has engaged the lead form, and then you could further remarket to them. Select the lead form audience objective, and we typically use the option that says anyone who opened the form. Identify the page and the name, and then you can set the audience name and description and then hit create an audience, and now you have your audience saved.

The last audience, which is the safest way, is to use your customer list. This is a list of people who have given you their information. If you can take your data, you can start creating a custom audience with those so you can essentially remarket leads from any source. This is really powerful because it allows you to stay top of mind with your database. You can save the audience and upload your CSV file to create that custom audience.

We found that creating these custom audiences will get you the most success, and every time these leads log in to Facebook, they will see you.

I hope you got a ton of value from this!

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