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Building a Real Estate Team with Watson Powers Coaching

Gordon Watson and Steve Powers created Watson Powers Coaching to assist agents who are ready to transition from being just salespeople into leaders and businesspeople.

Gordon and Steve have known each other for 25-30 years and have done 50 years or more coaching together. They have a passion for helping people develop their skills to the highest level. Having coached sports teams and real estate teams, they have so much experience in many different areas of life. They teamed up because of their combined knowledge and passion for helping people grow, and their business has been highly successful since.


When asked what they think is the most important component of building a team, Gordon answers, “To get started, you have to understand what culture you want to create with your team. What kind of a team do you want to create? What type of people are you looking to hire? What role are you going to play as team leader because not every team leader plays the same role? Do you want to remain in production, or do you want to pull yourself out of production and spend time on other things you enjoy? So you have to make some decisions right up front to determine what you want it to look like. That’s the start.” Gordon explains that people hire Watson Powers to help them figure out all of those things and help put those pieces together.

Building real estate teams is now something that almost every real estate agent wants to accomplish, but not very many succeed. Steve says, “this comes down to the fact that most team models are set up by brokerages to make the brokerage money.” Brokerages are trying to develop a way to keep teams in their franchise to profit from all of their work. Watson Powers is different because they are there for the team leader to help them succeed and make money.

“Not everyone is cut out to be a team leader.” Explains Gordon. A lot of agents look at building a team as just another way to make money. You have to have the knowledge, experience, and skills to be a leader. Your job is to educate and motivate these people, and not everyone is cut out for it. Gordon adds that he and Steve are very selective. They don’t just bring on clients to bring on more people. They want to make sure that the people they are bringing in will succeed.

When asked what makes a good leader, Steve describes, “They have to have the desire to be in a group. So many real estate agents are individuals, which is what you need to be but to have a team leader, you have to want to be a part of a group and help that group succeed, which will help you succeed. If the team doesn’t feel like you are there to help them succeed and that the only reason you have a team is to push your income up, then the team isn’t going to want to stay with you.” To be a leader, you have to be passionate about your people, and you have to want to help them become the best version of themselves. They are taking people to the top with them.

At the end of the day, your true intentions will always be revealed. Those who are just trying to make money won’t be as happy or get the desired result. When you have a genuine desire to help and serve, you’ll be surprised at the byproduct of that.

“Ultimately, what you are doing when you’re building a team is investing in people. If it’s just you and one other person, you can wing it. But the goal is to build a team that invests in more and more people. But to do this, you have to have systems in place so that it runs smoothly.” Gordon explains. Steve adds that their job is to help people figure out what system fits with their individual goals because those systems change depending on the desired outcome.

“Where the average agent goes to a place, and they work there four months, and they might close one deal we expect, with the systems we are setting up, people will come on a team and have six deals in contract in the first 3-4 months,” Steve exclaims. Gordan and Steve add that they have had an agent have nine deals in her first 30 days! It’s not uncommon. Watson Powers is set up for teams. Gordon and Steve believe within 90 days, everybody on the team should have at least three deals in their first 30 days.

Gordon shares, “They say the person who is doing the teaching is the one that learns the most.” Adding that, he and Steve are constantly learning from their team members and clients and become better leaders because of it.

When asked how they teach people to identify the suitable hires, Steve says, “You hire on attitude and teach aptitude. If the person has the right attitude and you have the right system, it is a match made in heaven. If they have the wrong attitude, then they’re never going to make it.” Gordon adds, “I don’t care whether somebody has a license; I will wait for them to get their license. I would rather have somebody that has a lot of drive and a lot of determination and teach them what to do.”

The first thing you have to do is sell yourself to your team. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you would come to work for your team. If the answer is no, then you have to work on that first. Most people don’t go into the hiring process knowing what they’re looking for, and that is what Watson Powers Coaching helps people do.

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