Earning over Fifty Thousand dollars in Commission in less than three months | Winning with Witly


Earning over Fifty Thousand dollars in Commission in less than three months

In this week’s Winning with Witly Blog post, we are joined by Laurie and Kalene!

This video discusses how they had difficulty establishing themselves as industry experts when they had just started.

Laurie stumbled upon Witly and explained how it worked to Kalene, and they decided to give it a shot.

Witly allowed them to stop door-knocking and cold calling because they could reach way more people with the platform. After about three months, they were able to track their ROI. Witly presented them with enough direction and training to bring in more leads and gave them much more opportunities than they had previously.

In their first three months of using Witly, they were able to get six closings from clients that came from our platform with a total of $53,690 in earned commission and over $96,000 in the pipeline.

Witly helped us by giving us [two new agents] the tools, training, and support we needed to get new opportunity every single day. We have already closed six deals with witly and have seven more under contract. The training is so simple to follow, The Technology does most of the hard work for you, and the Witly support held our hands the entire way.

Watch this excellent interview to see how Witly allowed them to create predictability in their real estate business.

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